Silent Sundays with Swanson

Come enjoy a Sunday afternoon with silent film classics accompanied live by professional pianist Adam Swanson (to learn more about Adam read below)! The next Silent Sunday is going to be a mixed bag of silent cinema. First, Swanson will screen two cute shorts with 1920s child star Baby Peggy who is still active today at one hundred years old, the only living star of the silent era. Next, sit back and watch Buster Keaton’s famed 1928 feature comedy Steamboat Bill, Jr. The historic Henry Strater Theatre is a perfect venue for silent film—experience vintage cinema the way it was meant to be! A cash bar with popcorn and candy will be open. These events will be family friendly, so bring your kids and enjoy this fun and unique opportunity. Specific movies will be announced as dates approach.

Featured Shows:

Carmen, Jr. (Century Studios, 1923)

Starring “Baby Peggy” Montgomery

In the early 1920s, Jackie Coogan only had one rival as a child star, the cute and talented “Baby Peggy” Montgomery. She made dozens of comedy shorts for the small Century Studios, and we are presenting two of the best. Carmen, Jr., released in mid-1923, is a spoof of Bizet’s famous opera Carmen. Baby Peggy first tangos with a local neighborhood boy, very much in the style of Latin lover Rudolph Valentino in Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Next, Baby Peggy’s rough day ends with a bullfight and a small child as matador!


Peg o’ the Mounted (Century Studios, 1924)

Starring “Baby Peggy” Montgomery

In Peg o’ the Mounted, we find Baby Peggy with an officer of the Canadian Mounted Police. The Mountie has fainted in his attempt to arrest moonshiners, but Baby Peggy comes to the rescue. How does such a little girl help the Mountie? Come to the next Silent Sunday to find out!


Steamboat Bill, Jr. (Joseph M. Schenck Productions, 1928)

Starring Buster Keaton and Ernest Torrence

Aside from The General, Buster Keaton’s Steamboat Bill, Jr. may be one of the greatest classic comedies from the silent era. In fact, it was one of the last major silent films of its kind ever produced. Watch as Buster meets his father that he hasn’t seen since he was a child, a proud riverboat captain named William Canning. Unfortunately, father and son do not click personally, but everything changes when a fierce storm hits River Junction. Advertised at the time as the following: “The screen’s first big Mississippi thriller!” “The sheik of ‘Muddy Waters.’” “Fun! – Fast and Furious – runs riot on the Mississippi!”




Jun 02 2019


Doors at 1:15
02:00 PM


$7 Adult $4 Children (Under 12)
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